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A proposal to create a non-profit corporation, tentatively named the Cryonics Industry Consortium (CrInCo). Possible purposes of CrInCo could include promoting the growth of the industry, serving as a clearing house, and establishing a self-regulatory organization (SRO). Members of CrInCo would be cryonics organizations rather than individuals.


Updates are presented in reverse chronological order.


Oregon Cryonics has changed its name to Oregon Brain Conservation.


Tomorrow Bio will start providing services in the United States in 2024.


I added four cryonics industry organizations to our Directory:


I started a directory of cryonics industry businesses based in the U.S. These are potential CrInCo member organizations.


Today I launched this website to promote the proposal to create the Cryonics Industry Consortium (CrInCo). If you are interested in discussing this proposal, please join the new Google Groups discussion group at